Ringing – Fynbos weather

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We hold bird ringing / bird banding expeditions year-round at our Fynbos ringing / banding site, which has a Mediterranean climate, with most of its rain falling during the Austral winter. However, temperatures are moderated by the maritime influence of the nearby Benguela Current in the Atlantic Ocean. This leads to mild temperatures year-round with relatively low variability between summer and winter. Winters (peak in July) tend to be cooler and wetter, while summers (peak in January) tend to be warm and dry. Rain can occur year-round, so it is advisable to pack suitable rain gear as well as a good hat and sunscreen. During winter, low pressure systems move in from the Atlantic from time to time, and during these periods, warm, sunny days can precede the associated low-system rainfall. In general, in South Africa, buildings do not have central heating or air conditioning, but our Fynbos accommodation does come equipped with fans for warmer weather.

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