Atlas of African Neuroptera and Megaloptera

The Neuroptera and Megaloptera are collectively known as “lacewings.” Hence the name LacewingMAP. This is a somewhat obscure group of insects, and this project is an ideal way to sensitize everyone to their existence. Are lacewings good or bugly? They are one of nature’s best all-purpose predators. They control aphids. So when you make a list of “ecosystem services” (the stuff we get for free from the planet) don’t leave off the lacewings. We are doing this project in collaboration with Dr Mervyn Mansel, University of Pretoria, and a world leader in lacewing research.

Here you will find species accounts and distribution maps on the various described species of lacewing in the Atlas Region. Distribution data and records can also be viewed in LacewingMAP in the Virtual Museum.

The details for each species are presented according to a taxonomic tree (click on the Family name for the list of species to appear). Taxonomies are often dynamic (new research, including molecular work) is constantly changing taxonomies, and there are often vigorous debates within the scientific community about which taxonomies to follow. Our focus is on species distribution and not on taxonomic rigor. Please navigate the taxonomy with that in mind.