Biodiversity Observations

Mainstream journals publish the results of question-driven research, and tend to avoid descriptive papers. Biodiversity Observations fills this gap. A report on the period 2010 to 2022, when the first 12 volumes of the journal were published, is available here.

Biodiversity Observations accepts papers containing information about biodiversity in general. This includes descriptions of distribution, behaviour, breeding, foraging, food, movement, measurements, habitat and colouration/plumage. It will also consider for publication a variety of other interesting or relevant biodiversity material: reports of projects and conferences, annotated checklists for a site or region, specialist bibliographies, book reviews and any other interesting or relevant material. Further details and guidelines to authors are on the BO website.

Biodiversity Observations is powered by Open Journal Systems (OJS) and is hosted by the University of Cape Town Libraries. The Biodiversity and Development Institute provides the editorial services. All papers are open access and freely available here.

Rollinson, D. P. (2023). Cetacean sightings from Mozambican waters, including the first records of Rough-toothed Dolphin Steno bredanensis and Fraser’s Dolphin Lagenodelphis hosei. Biodiversity Observations13, 154–161.

Meredith, R. L. (2023). Near-exclusive use of Setaceus Asparagus Fern Asparagus setaceus in the construction of nests by three South African bird species. Biodiversity Observations13, 149–153.

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