Ringing – expedition programme

Typical itinerary: Day 1 Arrival and collection at the airport. Most international flights to either Johannesburg or Cape Town, arrive in the morning. We will plan to meet you at the airport by mid-morning. From there we will travel to the bird ringing / bird banding site, stopping to allow you to purchase alcoholic beverages along the way (for the Fynbos Expedition). Arrive at the accommodation by mid to late afternoon. Settle in, erect nets. Days 2 to 9 We will ring as weather and net captures permit throughout the day, stopping for meals and breaks when appropriate. Time can vary greatly depending on the prevailing conditions. Day 10 Dismantle nets and equipment, pack, and leave for the airport. Since most international flights leave Johannesburg and Cape Town in the evening, we will plan to have you back at the airport by mid to late afternoon, allowing you plenty of time to check-in and get through security. Additional activities At opportune moments during the expedition we will break for an excursion: a wine tasting and fine dinner (Fynbos Expedition); a special Bush Dinner (Bushveld Expedition). Booking schedule We plan our bird ringing / bird banding expeditions to start on the first Tuesday of each month and end the following Thursday. The Bushveld Expedition is restricted to to the months of November, December, January, or February. The Fynbos Expedition is available from March through October, and is available from November to February, subject to bookings made for the Bushveld Expedition. We are able to negotiate the timing and dates for bird ringing / bird banding expeditions with you, especially if you arrange a group booking. Availability We require at least two months advance notice to secure a booking for a bird ringing / bird banding expedition. Our minimum expedition size is four guests, and our maximum is ten guests. Groups outside of this range can sometimes be accommodated by special arrangement. Planning your trip Initially
  • Contact us about your desired dates, group size and choice of expedition
  • Make your deposit payment to secure your dates
  • Ensure that your passport is current, valid beyond your date of entry in South Africa, and has sufficient pages
  • Check the SA Department of Home Affairs site about your specific visa requirements
  • Purchase travel insurance, if required
  • Check with your medical professional about required vaccinations, medications, or prophylaxis
  • Book your travel arrangements to South Africa
One month prior to the bird ringing expedition
  • Make your balance payment to finalise your booking
  • Leave your finalised itinerary and the BDI contact details along with a copy of your photo ID and your flight reservation details with a relative or friend in your home country

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