Our mission:

Help people engage with science. Help people engage with their environment. Use science to drive social and conservation action. [more …]

The Biodiversity and Development Institute exists to create opportunities to do fundamental and applied biodiversity and development research, incorporating both science & humanities perspectives

Research themes and questions

  • Art & practice of science
    Human dimensions of science
    Science communication
    Research field methods
    Quantitative methods
    Citizen science

How and why do people vary in the ways in which they engage with science, particularly their understanding of the human and natural systems in which they live? How can we improve this engagement?

  • Biodiversity
    Animal behaviour
    Population ecology
    Habitat ecology
    Novel ecosystems
    Physiological ecology
    Wildlife management
    Biodiversity informatics

How and why do communities, populations, and individual organisms vary in space and time in their behaviour, distributions, demography, and physiology?

  • Sustainable development
    Urban ecology
    Habitat change
    Climate change
    Waste management
    Agricultural systems

How do we develop robust societies in ways that are inclusive, socially responsible, environmentally sustainable, and financially viable?


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