Bird ringing report – Paardeberg 28 March 2018

Cape Robin-chat Cossypha caffra. Photo credit: Dieter Oschadleus (2018)

Cape Robin-chat – Virtual Museum record

Report by Dieter Oschadleus on our first BDI bird ringing in the Paardeberg.

The Paardeberg stands out as a mountainous island in an agricultural landscape between Paarl/Wellington and Malmesbury in the Swartland region of the Western Cape. Very little bird ringing has taken place here, so Les Underhill and I had a bird ringing session in the Paardeberg, on Bowwood Farm, on Wednesday, 28 March 2018.

The top species was Cape White-eye (n=22), followed by Southern Masked Weavers (n=8), of which two were males in partial breeding plumage. The ring of one bird has been recovered in the Paardeberg area, a Cape Weaver ringed with ring 231054 in Tygerberg.

Thanks to Julian and Bridget Johnsen for hosting us! We hope to do a lot more bird ringing in the Paardeberg.

Streaky-headed Seedeater Serinus gularis. Photo credit: Dieter Oschadleus (2018)

Streaky-headed Seedeater – Virtual Museum record

Karoo Prinia Prinia maculosa. Photo credit: Dieter Oschadleus (2018)

Karoo Prinia – Virtual Museum record

Cape Weaver Ploceus capensis. Photo credit: Dieter Oschadleus (2018)

Cape Weaver – Virtual Museum record

Southern Masked-weaver Ploceus velatus. Photo credit: Dieter Oschadleus (2018)

Southern masked-weaver – Virtual Museum record

Olive Thrush Turdus olivaceus. Photo credit: Dieter Oschadleus (2018)

Olive Thrush – Virtual Museum record

Cape White-eye Zosterops virens. Photo credit: Dieter Oschadleus (2018)

Cape White-eye – Virtual Museum record

Dieter Oschadleus
Dieter Oschadleus
Dieter Oschadleus leads the BDI bird ringing expeditions, and is able to organise bird ringing courses (having run many courses in South Africa, and some in the Seychelles). Dieter is also a registered bird guide in South Africa, and has birded widely in Africa and the Indian Ocean islands. Dieter is able to act as a bird guide for day trips in Cape Town, and is able to customise birds tours in South Africa and beyond.