Open Day for bird ringing : Grotto Bay 24 August 2024

The BDI is holding an Open Day for bird ringing on Saturday, 24 August 2024. We are hosted by the Grotto Bay Private Nature Reserve. The reserve has an area of 385 ha, and the vegetation consists of Strandveld and Sandveld. It is about 60 km north of Cape Town, turning off the R27. We meet at the Conservation Centre within the reserve.

One of our previous bird ringing visits to Grotto Bay has a blog describing the event. This Cape White-eye was ringed then. The privilege of being a ringer is the opportunity to see birds up close, and to see the detailed structure of the white feathers around the eye that give this species its name. There is a description of the value of bird ringing here.

Cape White-eye at the previous Open Day for bird ringing at Grotto Bay
Cape White-eye, ringed at the previous Open Day for bird ringing at Grotto Bay Private Nature Reserve

There is lots of space, so ringers are welcome to bring their own nets and ringing equipment. Afterwards we will make a total list of all birds ringed, and produce a blog for the event, as for the earlier one. If you have ideas for topics talks or other demonstrations, please send an email to

The reserve is not open to the public, so you will not just be able to arrive on the morning of the event! You will gently be turned away with 100% certainty! Please send an email to before Tuesday 20 August to find out more details, such as time to arrive, and to arrange access to the Grotto Bay Private Nature Reserve on the morning. Total numbers are limited. We have the following Saturday, 31 August. lined up if the weather makes 24 August a non starter!

There is a list of all the upcoming BDI events here.