Ringing – activity

Our bird ringing / bird banding expeditions are led by Dr Dieter Oschadleus who has been ringing birds, conducting bird ringing / bird banding training, and coordinating SAFRING for over 20 years.

All bird ringing / bird banding equipment will be available for use. This includes nets and poles, tables and chairs, bird bags, rings and pliers, and measuring instruments (rulers, verniers, scales). You are welcome to bring any of your own bird ringing / bird banding gear if you would like to. You will not, however, be permitted to use rings from other schemes. Bird ringing / bird banding activities will be under CapeNature permits. All bird ringing / bird banding data will be submitted to SAFRING, as required by SAFRING.

We have bird ringing / bird banding sites that cover a range of habitats to maximise the diversity of birds sampled. We move from site to site, returning again to these sites for a second sampling session. We ring for a total of six to seven days on a BDI Ringing Course.

Our general procedure is to maximise bird ringing / bird banding throughout the day, pending weather conditions. We stop for meals and breaks at suitable times throughout the day.

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