Ringing – birdlife

The 10 most ringed species are shown below, and these can be expected to be caught on most Fynbos bird ringing / bird banding expeditions.

Cape White-eye (Zosterops virens)
Cape Weaver (Ploceus capensis)
Southern Masked-Weaver (Ploceus velatus)
Cape Robin-Chat (Cossypha caffra)
Red-faced Mousebird (Urocolius indicus)
Yellow Bishop (Euplectes capensis)
Cape Bulbul (Pycnonotus capensis)
Southern Red Bishop (Euplectes orix)
Olive Thrush (Turdus olivaceus)

Additional interesting species that have been caught include:

Cape Batis (Batis capensis),
Fiscal Flycatcher (Sigelus silens),
Common Fiscal (Lanius collaris),
Malachite Sunbird (Nectarinia famosa),
Swee Waxbill (Coccopygia melanotis),
Karoo Prinia (Prinia maculosa),
White-backed Mousebird (Colius colius),
Cardinal Woodpecker (Dendropicos fuscescens),
Olive Thrush (Turdus olivaceus),
Bar-throated Apalis (Apalis thoracica),
Southern Double-collared Sunbird (Cinnyris chalybeus).

There is still potential for many other interesting species, especially Cape Sugarbird.

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