Ringing – accommodation

Fynbos site

Depending on the group size, your home during the Fynbos bird ringing / bird banding expedition will be one of two beautifully-appointed cottages tucked away in the mountains. Our site is a popular wedding venue, and the cottages are designed to be stylish, comfortable, and happy spaces – ideal for a bird ringing / bird banding expedition.

The two cottages have a combination of en suite and shared bathrooms, double and single beds, and comfortable indoor and outdoor living spaces. The cottages are surrounded by breathtaking scenery – the Paardeberg Mountains and their associated Renosterveld and Fynbos vegetation (part of the Cape Floral Kingdom). Both cottages are a short walk away from where we place the nets at this bird ringing / bird banding site, and a short drive away from where we conduct bird ringing at neighbouring sites. The cottages are also within walking distance of the farm’s vineyards and olive orchards.

Bushveld site

Accommodation during the Bushveld bird ringing / bird banding expedition is at a safari lodge set alongside a river. This lodge is beautifully appointed with decor produced by local craft artisans. The lodge has stunning views over the river, its birdlife, and the occasional crocodile wending its way up or down the muddy waters.

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